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  • Maggie O'Heran

Jenna & Piyush: An Indian-Inspired Wedding at Understory in Columbus, OH

Jenna's vibrant bridal bouquet
Jenna & Piyush on their wedding day

With not one, not two, but three wedding days (yes, you read that right!), Jenna and Piyush knew how to keep the party going and their colorful wedding day last September was no exception. Having already exchanged vows amidst the challenges of a pandemic, these two lovebirds chose to celebrate the next chapter of their love story with an intimate ceremony and reception right in the heart of Columbus, Ohio at Understory. This heartfelt celebration served as a prelude to their upcoming festivities in India, where they planned to unite with Piyush's family and host their final wedding. Come along as we dive into the details of their state-side celebration.

Before the festivities kicked off at Understory, Jenna and Piyush got ready offsite while we focused on setting up the details for the ceremony and reception. You can see from the photos below that laughter and excited chatter filled the air as they transformed into wedding-ready versions of themselves thanks to Sky Marie Beauty. Jenna's squad helped her slip into her stunning bridal attire while Piyush and his gang (plus Jenna & Piyush's sweet doggo!) suited up while sharing stories, and probably some hilarious mishaps too.

In classic Midwestern style, the weather played a game of "Will it rain on their parade?" But, fear not, the versatile Understory (did you know it used to be a school?!) came to the rescue as we quickly moved the first look (and ceremony!) indoors at the last moment to dodge the raindrops. The venue's light filled rooms were a perfect backdrop for their Indian-inspired celebration. It was a bit like trying to blend masala chai with apple pie – unique and absolutely delicious!

Jenna and Piyush embarked on a heartfelt renewal of their vows, guided by none other than one of Jenna's closest friends. Needing to quickly pivot to a California style ceremony, the wedding party walked through the makeshift aisle to join Piyush under a beautiful adorned arch.

After a quick jaunt to the balcony for photos, dinner began and a feast was had by all thanks to Understory's catering team. Once dinner wrapped, we got everyone outside for a quick flip of the space to open up the dance floor. Thanks to DJ Andre, the music was so lively it could wake up even the sleepiest of the guests. The guests joined in, and soon it felt like a full-on Bollywood dance-off.

Maria Hall Photography captured every emotional vow, every energetic dance move, and every heartfelt moment. These photos will be treasured for years to come, preserving the sheer joy and beauty of Jenna and Piyush's Indian-inspired celebration.

In the end, Jenna and Piyush's wedding day was a riot of colors, traditions, and laughter. It was a celebration of love, culture, and the beautiful blending of two souls. Their wedding at Understory was a kaleidoscope of emotions, and the memories created that day will forever remind them of the love they share and the cultures they honor. Cheers to Jenna and Piyush – may your love story continue to be as vibrant as your wedding day!


Thanks to all the vendors that made it possible!

Venue & Catering: Understory Columbus

Planning, Florals, Decor, + Signage: Magpie Weddings

Entertainment: DJ Andre Productions

Hair & Makeup: Skye Marie Beauty


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