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DIY Weddings

3 Reasons Having a DIY Wedding Isn’t Always Less Expensive!

Chances are, if you're engaged, you've been you've been scrolling Pinterest for ideas on your perfect wedding decor. Maybe you are a crafty person – or one that is looking for ways to shave off some of the cost in some areas of your wedding budget – and lo & behold, you see the glimmer of possibility with some DIY projects for you, your family, & your besties to take on (maybe, you even enlist your partner & their besties to take on some of the duties). Well, I’m here to tell you that the do-it-yourself mentality does NOT always mean it is going to be less expensive & here’s why:

Supplies are Expensive

Whether you’re talking invitations or centerpieces, there are a lot of moving parts to assembling these projects for your wedding. I’m going to let you in on a little secret, the supplies you have to buy are expensive. The supplies add up, too. Before you know it, you’ve spent more (or pretty darn close) to the price you would have to just let a pro handle it for you in the first place. And by letting a pro handle it, I mean me. Not only do I know the best vendors for you to hire, but hiring me saved this (^) bride over $2,500 in decor costs

The Time

Creating invitations, assembling flower arrangements (the ones below took me 6+ hours to put together 8 of them), baking/making favors – all of these projects (and the countless other DIY projects not listed here) take a crazy amount of time. A simple printing of your invitations, response cards + mailing envelopes can turn into a nightmare when nothing seems to print according to the dimensions you put into the program. Five hours later, you’re sitting at your desk in tears ready to throw your printer out the window & you still DON’T have your invitations ready to mail. (Not to even mention the ink drying time, the stuffing & adhering the stamps.) Keep in mind that your time is money & as the wedding draws near, you have less & less time to focus on time-consuming projects that create stress for you (on top of the stress you already feel).

The Extras

Even when you’ve researched all the items you need to make your dream creations. Even when you use your coupons & hunt down the best prices in town & online, there’s always something “extra” you have to buy. Back to the invitation example. The ink – the ink alone for your printer easily costs about $50 (and that’s if it doesn’t run out before you finish printing everything). Then there is the double sided tape or glue dots, the ribbon, the overlays – all of the little extras that add up. Before you decide to enlist your gal pals & launch a full out DIY wedding, consider that it can end up costing you more than budgeted (not to mention the time suck it can create). Take the baskets, crates, and window in the photo for example - I have all those on hand, ready to be incorporated into your vision, so you don't have to spend the money or have the extra stuff on hand when all is said and done! AND there is still a perfect way to create your Pinterest perfect wedding without having to stress over the little details while breaking the bank.... hiring me! Here's how I can help you combat the issues above;

Supplies are Expensive... but, not when you have a planner that already has most of the supplies! With my decor inventory, I can save you money by providing the core elements you are wanting. And if I don't have something? Chances are, I'm willing to cost share with you so that I can take the inventory off your hands at the end of the night. Not to mention, I know all the best way to purchase them (or event rent them!), so you can keep some cash in your pocket.

The Time... one of Magpie Wedding's goals is to give you the gift of time. By hiring me, I can put in my time to give you the best day ever, so you can actually enjoy the memories you are making. These rolled flatware for example took more than 8 hours to assemble. By hiring me to do it, that was 8 hours of time my bride had at her disposal.

The Extras... referring back to Supplies are Expensive, this is another area where chances are, I have all those extras already! And to go back to The Time it take's to assemble stuff, the elements used on this flatware were all extras from my inventory, making a cost effective wow-factor that can't be beat! We could even go back to the invitation example - when securing my Full Service planning, assembly, addressing, and mailing your invites is included - with Rsvp service too!

And even if you do end up DIY'ing to your hearts content, hiring us for Wedding Day Management ensures all of your hard work is properly displayed and you can enjoy your big day without the stress of wearing 10 different hats on your big day! Just contact us today to get started and happy planning!

Xoxo - Mags


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