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  • Maggie O'Heran

10 Bridal Shower Themes

and how to make them yours

Bridesmaids, Maids of Honor, and Besties of a Bride - this one is for you! Just like April showers bringing May flowers, bridal showers bring wedding flowers ;-) If you are stuck on what to do for a bridal shower, take a gander at my favorite 10 themes and how you can make them your own!


Grab your favorite sundress and don a fascinator, maybe throw on some gloves, and shower the bride-to-be with this classic theme. Have fun decorating teacup planters like the ones below and have guests take them home as favors. Ask around your guest list to curate different teapots and china to use or hit up those great consignment stores and snag pieces to add a vintage charm to the decor. And if all else fails, Amazon has some great options to snag!


You may be asking - "Wait, Maggie, isn't this just the Afternoon Partytea theme?", to which I say "NOPE!". This one is for the plant loving bride-to-be who cannot wait to start her garden. So, throw up some fairy lights, gather some dirt, and ask guests to shower the bride-to-be with their favorite plants - indoor or out! You could even add in making fairy garden's for guests to take home as favors. And while I suppose you could combine this and the Afternoon Partytea theme into one, this theme can really take on whatever decor you want to include. Here's some item's I would curate for this one:


At this point, I will admit - I am a sucker for gardens, flowers, and shabby chic decor. Can't deny it anymore. But this idea is too cute not to share. Hire a local florist to teach your group or hit your local farmers market and gather up a bunch of different blooms and display them for guests to pick and chose their perfect bundle. Tie them up with kraft paper, or gift a vase for guests to place their blooms in, to take home. The possibilities are really endless here! Pro-tip for Bloomington, Indiana locals - The Seedlings Flower Truck would be an awesome vendor for this theme.


This one comes from the shower that my "day job" threw when I was getting married, it's so much fun!! If your newlyweds-to-be are just starting out, they may not have everything they need to stock their kitchen, so this theme is perfect if you are wanting to stock them up or if they need a kitchen refresh. Have guests submit their favorite recipes to you and compile them into a book or recipe box that will be sure to become an heirloom. Then let guests know to purchase 1 item that is needed to complete the recipe - just not food related! For example, one of my recipes is for a great cocktail that requires lemon peel, so the attendee gifted a zester to go along with it. Not only do I use it for the cocktail, I use it a ton for baking sweet treats too! Alternatively, you could have guests include the recipe with their gift and you gift the recipe box - there really is no wrong way to utilize this theme AND you can match the decor to the kitchen theme your newlyweds-to-be plan on having.


Strike up the big band and put a twist on a 50's cocktail party! Similar to Everything but the Kitchen Sink, have guests provide their favorite cocktail recipe and the spirit that makes it for your newlyweds-to-be to stock up their at home bar. Ditch the 50's theme if you want and make it a modern take on The Great Gatsby or mimic their favorite bar with the decor. Any way you shake it, this one can provide some fantastic memories for years to come!


Here's a fun one as a couple's shower in the summer! Rent a park shelter or enlist a friend to share their really great backyard for a Main Squeeze Picnic. Gather up your zest (see what I did there, ha!) friends, fire up the grill for some staple picnic foods and serve different kinds of lemonade while throwing the bride (or couple)-to-be in the limelight! Include some lawn games and a photobooth to stretch out the afternoon for a classic summer day. Add to the citrus theme by serving tart desserts, adding citrus glazes to your BBQ, and gifting a citrus tree for the couple to enjoy for years to come.


Anyone else like French Bulldogs as much as I do?! Kidding, kidding, though I do love them. This one is fun for a girls night in and there's a few different ways you can make it your own. Have your guests pack their suitcases and ditch their passport by hosting a wine and cheese night, with everyone bringing their favorite bottle of wine and a cheese pairing. Leave it simple at that or add in some spice with a lingerie shower. Take it even father by calling your local Bra Lady with Essential Bodywear and have them fit everyone with their proper bra size while scoring some great wedding day underroos for the bride (just have them make her the hostess of the party to reap the benefits!). Pro-tip; I am a Bra Lady with Essential Bodywear (shape wear and bridal gowns go hand-in-hand, duh!), so I can help you with that or lead you to one in your area, just shoot me an email to find out more.


Okay, I will admit, I am NOT a camper, but if your bride-to-be is, this one is a fun twist to explore. You can combine the bridal shower with the bachelorette party for this to be a bit more economical and allow guest the option to stay or not. Start your day with the shower and move into the party as the sun goes down and the fire glows red, just remember to add some GLAM to your camp. Aka don't serve hotdogs and beans, contact a local caterer about some fancy boxed lunch/dinner options (but don't forget the s'mores!) and add in some spa elements for a truly relaxing adventure that won't soon be forgotten.


I do believe this one is going to be a favorite of mine now that I have thought about it! Any one else LOVE Barbie growing up? I always wanted to live in her Dreamhouse but alas, I am not plastic. You cannnn gather your girls and really rent her Dreamhouse if I am remembering an article right. But, who has time for that? So, find a really cool airB&B with a pool and have a splash with the girls. Make a Barbie box out of a refrigerator box and have some fun with it as a photobooth. Throw some tropical decorations up. Have some sunglasses, flipflops, and pool floats ready for guests. Serve smoothies and lots of fresh fruit. The list goes on and on and on, just be sure to have a LOT of pink!!


When all else fails, you really can't go wrong with a Classic Bridal Brunch! Do some digging and find out your bride-to-be's favorite breakfast and lunch foods to have them included. Rent out her favorite brunch spot or a local bed-and-breakfast and bust out the old school bridal shower games for guests to enjoy. Get creative with Mimosa add-ins and get some themed cookies made for guests to enjoy or take home. Have guests share their bridal shower memories or even their wedding photos to drive home the "classic" piece of this theme.

At the end of the day, what matters most is spending time with the people you love and showing the bride-to-be how important she is to you. You don't have to break the bank to make it a special day, invest in a statement element or two and gather the rest at The Dollar Tree. Rent a park shelter and let nature decorate for you. There really is no right or wrong when it comes to themes, just have fun with it and the love will flow!



In full transparency: this post includes affiliate links, meaning I will receive a commission if you purchase any of these items, at no additional cost to you. I do not have access to ordering information and would never share your information even if I did. Contact me if you have any questions!


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